How to Bypass Sites With Invalid Certificate in Google Chrome

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When I was setting up a brand new server on AWS, sometimes a valid certificate with Apache is not required because the instance is sitting behind a load balancer and inside a private network.

I used to able to by pass the error message in Google Chrome by clicking on Advance and proceed.

Ever since I upgraded to Catalina, the option to proceed is gone.

Warning: Not for everyday users

Much to my surprise, the way to proceed is by typing thisisunsafe anywhere on the page. Well, what I mean is, when you visited the site, just type the phase thisisunsafe. It will let you bypass it.

AWS reInvent 2019 Recap

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reInvent 2019

Last year, I had the worst time with the reInvent conference even though I passed the DevOps Professional.

This year was different. The conference ran more smoothly. The content hub really helped me to attend as many sessions as I could by not traveling among buildings. I could spent a day at MGM, Venetian, or Aria.

There are a lot more attendees than last year. However, attendees this year were much more courteous this year.

I really learned a lot.

AWS reInvent 2019 - Day 5

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reInvent 2019

Create AR Web App (ARV303)

I thought the instruction was not too clear. I had to redo some steps and I had to call for couple helps to overcome the steps that I was blocked. I thought the workshop is too ambitous and I think only 2 attendees could go to the end of the workshop and neither of them got it work. (Maybe because it was the last day of the conference.)

Amazon Aurora (DAT202)

I was able to sneak in a session thanks to the content hub. The session talk about what’s new in Amazon Aurora. The master-master is a game changer and the implementation with machine learning proves that AWS continues to push with AI.

AWS reInvent 2019 - Day 4

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DIY Runbook (SEC318)

Security is serious and it’s something that mid-size companies that are lack of. This session intoduce the idea of having a runbook to protect the company’s digital assets and how to automate the process.

Code Green (HAC201)

This is the 4th day of the reInvent conference. I decided to spend 4 hours to create after 3 days of learning. It turned out that I actually spend 2 hours to learn something new and spend 2 hours to think of a solution to help the only planet that we can live on.

AWS CLI v2 (DOP343)

In between sessions, I was able to sneak a session in the content hub to learn about the tool that I use frequently.

Note to AWS: The content hub in each location is a very good idea.

AWS reInvent 2019 - Day 3

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DeepComposer (AIM223)

AWS is really into pushing developers to work on Machine Learning. This year at the reInvent conference, AWS introduces DeepComposer. It is a Generative Neural Network. You don’t actually need the keyboard to get started. You can use the computer keyboard as the piano keyboard.

The DeepComposer is still in an early stage. I tried out couple model but it does not really compose a hit song yet.

Quantum Computing (CMP213)

I was interested in learning about what AWS is doing with Quantum Computing. This is half hour explaining what Quantum computing is and half hour explaining what AWS will offer for their customers.

The Policy Challenge (SPL301)

I did run it as a challenge without following the step by step guide. I made a mistake and it was irreversible due to limited permission from the student account. I had to leave the challenge half way through it. :(

Advanced VPC design (NET305)

This is a good session. A lot of good information about AWS networking.

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