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If you are coming from jQuery, this is the most important diagram you will need to start your journey in Vue JS.

Understand the lifecycle and you are off to a good start.


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At first I was intimated by the length of the books, but it was a really a page turner.

After finishing this book, I have broaden my view on the humanity and my perspective of the history. I am more aware of how we become who we are today and what to expect or image our future as human.

One line really hit me is on page 331 in the chapter titled The Capitalist Creed. It says

… the craving to increase profits and production blinds people to anything that might stand in the way. When growth becomes a supreme good, unrestricted by any other ethical considerations, it can easily lead to catastrophe.

This is reflecting the industry I am in now and I am hoping that will change or catastrophe will happen.

GitHub Actions

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I like GitHub actions, except that I cannot test it locally the same way I can do on GitLab with gitlab-runner.

I have no idea how GitHub CI, I mean Actions, runs so fast. There must be some sort of running Docker or Kubenete on cache or something.

Anyway, as always, the interface is just very pleasant to work on, just like the core GitHub products.

EC2 Image Builder

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The EC2 Image Builder creates a “Golden Image” for running EC2 instances. It is the most basic form of using AWS EC2 before Docker or Kubernetes were introduced.

The problem it solved for me is I can build my AMI directly on AWS platform instead of calling the API from my CI/CD provider, e.g. CircleCI or GitLab.

I can quickly learn how to create components by using the AWS defined template as a starter template. The tests gives me confidence of the build. I like it.

Meditation and Mindfulness

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It is totally worth it if it takes 10 minutes a day to quiet down our mind.

In this book, it gave some example and guidance on doing meditation. It is not religion related, it is mostly about learning to quiet down our mind.

As there are so much contents nowadays, our brain get so tired of consuming them. I left myself less time to think critically and less time to reflect about the things around me.

Ever since I started swimming in the morning, I felt physically healthier and mindfully more clear. I think part of it is because I cannot bring any devices to the pool. I am absolutely “detach” from the digital, it is just me, water, and listening to myself (struggling) to breath.

My problem is the length of my attention span. My mind tend to drift away from focusing on one subject. After I read the book and following the practice, I started to able to recognize when my mind started to drift so that I can pull it back to focus before it gets too far away.

It is a good book to read.

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