Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

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I don’t know the angle of the documentary trying to view from, but it is very sadden to see a person with all the goods happened to him and the bads just caught up in his life.

This documentary is streaming on Netflix.

How I Work (2020)

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Using AmazonBasic laptop stand to raise up the laptop. A 22-inch monitor as the main monitor and roate another 22-inch monitor for easier to read documentation.

The first generation of Apple Keyboard and the second generation of the Apple magic trackpad.


I am using a 13-inch MacBook Pro with i5 and 8G ram. It’s powerful enough to do my work. The alternative machine is a Dell XPS 13. Ever since I got the mac, I only turn it on once a month or whenever work is necessary.



SublimeText is my go to text editor. I have my own theme that is 99% based on Dayle Rees’s Hub Light. I just “fixed” it with the syntax highlight problem.

I started using VS Code because AWS CDK works very well with it.


I used Nord Theme and swith to Zsh with Oh my zsh


I use Homestead. Docker is my alternative.


I use Muji’s Weekly notebook. They don’t sell online in the US. (Weird)



Tech Stack - 2020 Edition

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In the beginning, I was a BASIC “programmer” because I want to stop dying in Nibble.

I took a computer science in college, humble by alogrithm, math, and compile time with C++. While I was wondering if this is something I want to do, I took a web development class with PHP. It is the moment that I discover web is something I want to do.

Two decades later, web development is not just PHP anymore. It involves a lot more. Today, it appears to involve more for making a scalable web application.

Let’s take a look.

One cannot just learn to code, it takes commitment for life long learning.

Hello 2020

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In 2020, I want to advance what I did in 2019.

Read 30 Books

In order to archive this, I am going to cut down reading news and social media. Limit myself to maximum 15 minutes for each of these for once a day. I will always bring a book with me during lunch time and weekend.


I want to continue to swim on weekday before going to work. I am blessed to have a pool literally on the way to work. This will require me to sleep around 9:30PM. I want to be able to do breaststroke and flip to turn. If I cannot get this done by September, I will get a coach.


I want to continue to get better with my skill on Machine Learning. I will work closely with DeepRacer and DeepComposer. I will get certified by AWS.

I will continue to improve my DevOps skill. I will use GitHub Action to deploy this blog and post an update to Twitter.

Learn Go.


Write more. One post a month, no matter how shitty it is.

Goodbye 2019

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It has been a good year. I finished 19 books, deploy couple applications, more hands on project on DevOps, and contribute to the open source projects.

I started to learn work on Machine Learning. The project that I worked on still on its early stage. I hope that through my knowledge on Machine Learning, I can help out my community.

I went to Laravel and AWS conference, visit couple countries and went to couple different states. It is a blessing to have these opportunities to continue expanding my work knowledge and expand my horizon in the world that I live in.

I actually almost swim every morning on the weekday. My health is significantly much better.

I discovered the power of making a ToDo list and sticking with it. I, at least, felt that I am a lot of productive.

I felt that in 2019, I started to understand myself more. I am more on pace with my own rhythm and I am more content with my own limit.

Thank you, 2019.

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